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Saturday 28 July 2007


I’m listening to Everyhting by Michael Buble. I really don’t know how to explain that I do really love this song so much! It’s undeniable that he who is my ‘friend only but nothing special’ recognized me to this song. But slowly but sure, the pace of my ‘only friend and nothing special’ fade away by the time. Sometimes I feel that bit stupid passion of thinking about him, but then I really skip it and make it as the most interesting trash to pick back.

I won’t take it back and open the waste paper from the trash for my future anymore. I WILL NOT. I myself who said to me that a feeling is just about how you manage it, a feeling is just about how you want it in yours, a feeling is just about how you could control yourself then make yourself happy without pretending it. And I am not pretending it. I am HAPPY about this feeling, about having no feeling to anyone as strong as I felt when I can’t control this passion. I was too stupid coz couldn’t control and sank into it. Real stupidity.

OK. Now let’s work. Hmm, talking about work, today I went to what I call as not-yet-earning-money WORK. Morning, going broadcasting. Afternoon, going instructing. Evening, going broadcasting. Evening again –almost night-, going teaching. Now, having my rest, as the most priceless thing which can’t be paid even by million dimes!

However, telling the truth, sometimes I wonder whether I am today as I am today because I repent I was yesterday or because I do hope to be whom I will be tomorrow! Yesterday was still yesterday. Tomorrow will be better than yesterday. Whatever the reason of being me today, I am just really willing to make it better than before. It’s the step. Not the first, but the next. I wonder how many steps I have made. I’m in my pace to be better!

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