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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

I will KILL

Demi menjaga atmosfir dingin dalam perusahaan, dan atas permintaan orang yang lebih tua dan yang saya tuakan serta saya hormati dan sayangi pula, maka saya telah ajukan surat permintaan maaf kepada mereka. Hmmm, kata teman-teman, itu keputusan mengalah untuk menang. Anyway, mereka pintar banget menempatkan saya dalam posisi seperti sekarang. Kalo saya ga keluar, seakan saya mengemis ke situ *hmm, well you know the fact well actually*. Sedangkan kalau saya mengundurkan diri, maka saya punya musuh baru *walaupun that bitch is a hundred percent my enemy today!*.

Honestly, I can understand why he became so disappoint to me. Yea, I was a bit losing control last night when we talked seriously with the #suck her#, three of us. Well, now I just want to close the case, trash her away from my face, trash her away from my list, add her down to my list as one of people that I must kill when people are allowed to kill!

Ok, I don't think I feel as the most and the most and the most now. I just promise deeply inside this heart to respect my REAL boss *of course she -the suck- is NOT*, from today till the time I will RESIGN step by step by falling down HER by this brain! Just one sentence:

THAT I WILL KILL HER, sooner or later!

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